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Rockabilly Blue ~ A new AndySerkis fic LJ community

rockabillyblue is a LJ fic community created by Lou shy_nerthuserce , and Rosie precious_rosie for their spurts of lust-filled creativity inspired by Andy.

Both of us are seasoned fanfic writers with more than 35 years of writing experience between us.

This community contains slash (RPS and FPS), gen, and het fics, some of which have appeared on Yahoo Groups such as LOTR:RPS, Closer_Than_Brothers, LOTR_Adult_Fiction, Drunk_On_LOTR_Men and resident_pervs over the past three years: a few fics are also archived at the Mirrormere Fiction site.

Whilst we are not accepting any submissions, we will be linking some of our favourite Andyfics by other writers for your delectation and delight. :-)

It is also a closed community, so we're not accepting members. If you want to read it, just add us to your friends list. ENJOY!

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